CHRIST The Only Way           


Once there was a nation that was founded by pilgrims that decided to leave their own country which did not recognize religious freedom.  Looking for a place they could freely worship as they pleased, they migrated to an uncivilized land inhabited by savages.  The rock where they landed was to become a national shrine.  They named it Pilgrims Rock.  They drove off the natives, built themselves rude shelters and houses of worship, and set aside a special day for worship to give thanks.  These pilgrims believed in their God and also believed in work.

They established schools and in a way became the first public education in the free world.

Other colonists came and established their communities.  Eventually, they built large cities using Greek architecture, and some of the noblest words ever written began to liberty, justice, and freedom of worship.

Then older nations sent tax agents to exploit the colonists.

The colonists sent their greatest representatives to the general assembly, choosing a gentleman farmer as their leader.  He united them and they revolted.  They fought and won a war against the old world.

The farmer is known as the Father of the country.

A famous U.S. city is named after this man today.

Government was set up.  They formed two bodies of leadership for making laws and located them on Capitol Hill.

Ultimately, a civil war divided the fledgling country, and the leader that tried to keep the republic united was assassinated.  His murder has been immortalized by one of the greatest playwrights of all time.

They fought a war over slavery.  After the wounds of the bloody civil war was healed, the nation became a world power.

Next, the civilians began to think of security paid for by tax money.

Farmers petitioned for price supports. The government bought up crops and stored them in warehouses.

Industrialists next began asking for tax benefits.  The middle class declined under the added tax burden.

Crime became so common place that it became dangerous to walk the streets at night.

A crippled man led the nation into a war with foreign entanglements.

A general who had been victimized by the government pleaded with the nation to return to the principles of their founding fathers.

He died bitterly thinking anguishing thoughts.

The eagle was their national symbol for strength and honor.

They erected a statue of a lady in Roman outfit with sandals and robe to express the goddess of liberty.  She was ordained with a headdress of a crown with seven spikes, which represented the seven continents and seven seas.

An honest senator dared to speak out for the halt of foreign aid and foreign subversion.  He was branded a reactionary.

The nation fell deeper in debt.  It joined a league of the world.  It increased taxes to send wheat to its enemies.

It devalued its currency and substituted worthless material for the silver in its coins.  The nation occupied the Middle East and fought three wars in the same area.  This nation allowed the killing of infants.  This nation became rampant with the gay lifestyle.

Large stadiums were erected for sports events, and the highest paid people in the nation were athletes that participated.  Races became a common thing and loved by many.  The people stood for a national anthem and saluted their flag when it was risen.

People became obsessed with luxuries.

The nation began accepting eastern religions into their society and became tolerant of every belief except Christianity.

A census was taken often by the government.

The senators became obsessed with staying in office for life and no longer worried about the needs of the people.

Taxes became so high that people stopped having children.  They could not afford the expenses.

People became so burdened with high taxes that they began to lose their homes and businesses.

The military became so burdened from trying to keep the peace around the world that the nation was going broke.

People began to refuse to work because of the taxes on their money.  A law was implemented that said a person could not quit their job if they had one so they could support the tax burden.

This nation was weakened and eventually overrun by ten smaller countries that broke the land up into many separate countries.

Pilgrims Rock was named by the settlers when they landed on the shores and erected a massive temple for the worship of Jupiter.  The rock became the cornerstone of the temple.

This was Rome's history from beginning to end.

    The gentleman farmer was Cincinnatus. 

    The assassinated leader was Julius Caesar.

    The crippled leader was Caligula.

    The general was Mark Anthony.

    The senator was Cisaro.

    Shakespeare was the playwright that immortalized
    the death of Julius Caesar.

Ecclesiastes 1:9  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

V.10  Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

Considering the parallels to our history in the U.S., could this be the final chapter written about our nation?

God Bless!

Doyle Reno

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