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The Things Which Are

Immediately following the vision of Christ in the midst of the seven churches, messages are given to the churches. This is the beginning of the second part of the book of Revelation and has to do with "the things which are." This part includes Chapters 2 and 3 and contains the things concerning the Church on earth until its rapture.

Regarding the letters to the churches, the messages given are to the local churches in Asia that existed in that day and that were addressed in this letter. John knew these churches. There is much speculation as to the additional meaning and application to these messages. Some Bible teachers have tried to attest that the seven churches of Asia to which John was writing have dispensational application. That means they portray seven church periods or phases of church history.

According to this theory, we are now in the Philadelphian or Laodicean church. Actually the conditions that existed in the Ephesian church, which would be the period ending with the apostles, still exist in churches today. It seems that the message is two-fold. It seems to give a progressive timetable as the churches are mentioned. Both applications of the messages are clearly discernible. Conditions of the seven churches which are described continue to exist even in churches in this day and age and will as long as the Church is upon the earth. When the Rapture occurs then the Church age as we know it will be over.

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