CHRIST The Only Way           

                                        STUDY OF REVELATION


 1.  Beginning and Vision of Christ, 1:1-20

A.  Introduction

B.  Salutation

C.  Theme of Revelation

D.  John the Prophet

E.  John’s Vision of Christ

F.  Divisions and Symbols

2.  Message to the Seven Churches, 2:1-3:22

Part 2  - The Things Which Are

A.  Ephesus

B.  Smyrna

C.  Pergamos

D.  Thyatira

E.  Sardis

F.  Philadelphia

G.  Laodiciea

3.  The Heavenly Tabernacle, 4:1-5:14

A.  A Door is Opened

B.  The Throne is Seen

C.  The Elders

D.  The Living Spirits, Sea and Creatures

E.  The Heavenly Worship

F.  The Sealed Book

G.  The Lamb Who Opens the Book

H.  Universal Worship of God and the Lamb

4.  The First Six Seals, 6:1-17

A.  The Rise of Antichrist

B.  War

C.  Famine

D.  Death and Hell

E.  Tribulation Martyrs

F.  The Wrath of God

5.  Two Companies of Redeemed, 7:1-17

A.  The Sealing of the 144,000 Jews

B.  The Great Tribulation Saints


6.  The Seventh Seal is Opened and the Seven

Trumpets Begin, 8:1-9, 21

A.  Silence in Heaven, Seventh Seal is Opened

B.  Seven Trumpet Angels and the Priestly Angel

C.  Hail, Fire, and Blood

D.  A Burning Mountain

E.  A Star called Wormwood

F.  The Sun, Moon, and Stars Affected

G.  An Announcement

H.  Demonic Oppression, First Woe

I.   Eastern Invasion, Second Woe


7.  The Mighty Angel, 10:1-11

A.  The Voice of Seven Thunders

B.  The Bittersweet Scroll


8.  The Temple of God and the Seventh Trumpet,

A.  The Temple

B.  The Two Witnesses

C.  The Seventh Trumpet, the Third Woe


9.  An Interpretive Interlude, 12:1-13:18

A.  The Woman Identified

B.  The Woman in Travail

C.  The Dragon

D.  The Man-child

E.  The Woman in Flight

F.  War in Heaven

G.  The Woman Persecuted and Protected

H.  The Remnant of the Woman

I.   The Beast Out of the Sea

J.  The Antichrist Reign

K.  The Beast Out of the Earth


10.  Parenthetical Statements, 14:1-20

A.  The 144,000 Jews in Heaven with the Lamb

B.  Messenger Angel, The Everlasting Gospel

C.  Messenger Angel, The Fall of Babylon

D.  The Doom of Beast Worshipers

E.  The Blessed Dead

F.  Armageddon


11.  Presentation of the Vial of Wrath to the Angels,

A.  Final Judgments of God introduced

B.  Sea of Glass Mingled with Fire

C.  Heavenly Temple Resumed


12.  Seven Vials Poured Out, 16:1-21

A.  Boils

B.  Sea Becomes Blood

C.  Rivers to Blood

D.  Great Heat

E.  Darkness

F.  Euphrates Dries Up

G.  Unclean Spirits

H.  Earthquake and Hail


13.  Mystical Babylon Judged, 17:1-18

A.  Great Harlot

B.  The Beast that Carries Her


14.  Doom of Literal Babylon, 18:1-24

A.  The Indictment

B.  The Verdict

C.  The Lament Over the Destruction

D.  The Rejoicing Over the Destruction

E.  The Cause of the Demise of Babylon


15.  The Return of Christ, 19:1-21

A.  Marriage of the Lamb

B.  Second Coming of Christ

C.  Battle of Armageddon, The Beast
      is Defeated


16.  The Millennial Age and The Great White
       Throne Judgment, 20:1-15

A.  Satan is Bound

B.  Millennial Reign of Christ and His Saints

C.  Satan’s post-millennial Reign and Doom

D.  Great White Throne Judgment


17.  The Eternal Kingdom and Invitation, 21:1-22:21

A.  New Heaven and New Earth

B.  New People and New Conditions


18.  New Jerusalem, 21

A.  Bride of Christ

B.  The Walls, Gates, and Foundations

C.  Materials

D.  The Temple

E.  Light

F.  Traffic

G.  Water and Food

H.  Rulers


Final Invitation

God Bless!

Doyle Reno

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