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Some people have asked, "Do you believe there are prophecies in the book of Psalms?"  Most people answer in the same manner, "I never thought about it."  One of the major prophets, Daniel, was told to write down prophecies that he himself didn't understand.  He wrote them in faith, as the Holy Spirit directed him to, but had no clue to what they meant.  He inquired as to what they meant to an angel that was present in his vision, and the angel told Daniel to seal up the book and that it will not be opened till knowledge is increased and men run to and fro.

Jesus said the generation that sees the budding of the fig tree will see all of the happenings of the Son of Man.  This fig tree budded in the year 1948 when Israel became a nation in one day just as the prophet Isaiah foretold, "will a nation be born in one day."  Was Daniel
s book opened by God to be understood at this time?  This time period started off the industrial revolution, which has not slowed down to this day.  People travel now around the world just like some walk to the corner grocery.  I think this is definitely the time period the angel spoke of when he said the book will be sealed till the times when men run to and fro and knowledge is increased.

Now that the prophecies of Daniel are openly understood, we need to look further, to other secrets that may be held in God
s Word for us to know, understand, and consider.  As the book of Proverbs says, "God loves to hide secrets in his Word and he thinks of us as kings to search them out."  Well, the book of Psalms holds so many secrets that may never all be found out.  Not only did God foretell of the horror on the cross by Jesus, but there are also many other divine happenings that our Lord fulfilled to every degree.  David, the author of Psalms, even stated that he was waiting for the Lord to return.  The Lord was not to be born for another 2000 years, and David was looking for him to return.  This is prophecy pure and simple.

There is a timetable in the book of Psalms that has been visible now ever since the fig tree budded.  It describes the wars against the Jews in 7 individual wars against the nation.  Each war is described in the chapter that aligns with the year the event took place.  One example is the budding of the fig tree.  It is recorded in Chapter 48, and it happened in 1948.  Correlating events continue on through Chapter 119.

Chapters 120 through 135 speak of the Lord dwelling with us here on the earth as in the millennium period.  Chapter 136 through the end of Psalms speaks of the period Satan is released from the bottomless pit and tries to influence the nations on the earth again.  This period appears to be 15 years, or chapters.

The book, "Tell it to the Generation Following" takes you through the timetable and shows verse by verse comparisons to historical events and of events to come until the glorious appearing of our great God and Lord Jesus Christ.  You can at least read and examine for yourself the world of wealth hidden in the Psalms in your Bible.

God Bless,

Doyle Reno

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